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Irene, Italy

General English

After having had this experience, I can say that homestay learning is the best way to learn a language for a least 3 reasons.


First of all, because the one-to-one lessons are adapted to your needs and you can progress quickly, secondly because you have the opportunity to speak English all day with members of the family, and furthermore, you can immerse yourself into English traditions and habits!


I had a great time during my three weeks in Brighton; my teachers were excellent and they made me feel welcome. Moreover, Brighton is a beautiful place, a really lively city with lots of things to do.


I needed to improve my English and now I really feel more confident.


Yes, I know I still have a lot to learn. that's why I'd like to come back next year.  


Anette, Austria

General English

I wanted to improve my conversation in English. I stayed for one week in England at my teachers' house. It was a very short but intensive and fantastic time. I think my conversation and grammar is much better.


My teachers were very good and we had a lot of fun together. We had the lessons in the morning and later we were outside. In the free time we are going to the beach, looking the Royal Pavilion, making barbecue with friends, walking in the woods and a lot of other interesting things.


I was feeling very well and welcome in the nice family. I didn´t I want to go home.  It was so great and amazing.


I think learning English in a family is more intensive than in a big study group. The teacher is just focused on you and your special needs.


And also outside the lessons you have to talk English all the time. It was a great experience.

Irene, Switzerland

Exam Preparation

What is the best way to prepare for an IELTS test? Go to an English spoken country and live with a family for a couple of days and you will improve your speaking and listening skills dramatically.


At least that was my hope! So I went and had 15x 1:1 lessons with Ray, working on my language weaknesses.


The advantage of homestay learning is: the lesson never ends. No matter if you have lunch together or enjoy a picnic in a park, your vocab enlarges all the time. And your speaking skills might even get better by a shared evening in the pub!


Now I got the IELTS grade I needed to begin my Masters course in London this autumn and a beautiful screensaver picture from my visit to the Seven Sisters National Park.






Hossein, Iran

General English

I wanted to improve my conversation in English and I came for 2 weeks to study intensively.


This was a very good decision.


In a short time period I learnt a lot.


My teacher was very good and concentrated on what I wanted to know and on my weak areas.


We spent a lot of time together outside of lessons, eating, going to the beach and talking about a shared passion: football.


He is a good teacher even though he is a Liverpool supporter.


We both know Arsenal will always be the best- ha ha.


I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot about the way English people speak together in a normal way, not in an unreal classroom situation.



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