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If you don't have time to commit to an ongoing business English course, why not try one or several of our English language webinars? Topics cover essential aspects of doing business.


Webinars are a speedy way to brush up on your business English vocabulary and listening skills. These webinars are also interactive - yuo can ask questions either verbally or via chat. 


The live English language coach presents on a topic using a slide deck. This is not death by PowerPoint. The coach draws you into discussion, checks understanding of key words, models tricky pronunciation and asks for written summaries for writing practice. 


Webinar series

Impactful presentations

Writing effective business correspondence

Customer service - handling difficult conversations

Telephoning - best practice for conf calls, requesting information, handling challenging calls

Productive meetings - dos and don'ts; summarising; agreeing and disagreeing

Team management - situational leadership; giving and receiving feedback; motivating teams

This is an enjoyable way to improve your vocabulary and listening skills in a short space of time. 

Interactive, ability to ask and learn from a live English language coach. 

It can fit into your busy schedule. 

The recording is sent out after the lesson for further language development 


This course is suitable for business executives of intermediate or above. 



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