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Online Courses

We offer a  huge variety of English online courses both as a one-to-one course or a group course.

Lessons are typically run as a 60-minute session. If you are pressed for time we also offer a 30-minute booster session at half the advertised fee. 




General English – 60 minutes - £35.

Following a needs analysis you will be assigned a suitable teacher. You will connect via Skype or Zoom. The prices includes any materials the teacher may send you in advance of the call. You will receive regular feedback, homework tasks and your teacher will monitor your progress.


Exam English – 60 minutes - £40

Exam courses offered: B1 Preliminary (formerly PET), B2 First (formerly FCE), IELTS, C1 Advanced (formerly CAE), C2 Proficiency (formerly CPE) and TOEFL. The teacher will provide you with practice papers, feedback on your progress and areas for development. You will be given homework.


Business English – 60 minutes - £40

Following a needs analysis you will be assigned a suitable teacher. There are two options:

Path 1 - a grammar and vocabulary-led Business English course using English language coursebooks and supplementary material

Path 2 - a discussion-based course, focused on speaking and communication skills


English for Start-Ups - 60 minutes £40

Don't let English hold you back with your start-up success. The experienced English language coach can help you improve your communication skills, your fluency and accuracy. The coach can provide lessons on a variety of topics depending on your language needs. Pitching for investment funding, knowing and enthusiastically communicating your product/service value proposition, planning your market research, online and offline marketing - language of persuasion. 


English for English Language Teachers – 60 minutes. £40.

Do you want to brush up on your coversational skills? Social English and everyday English? Our teachers can provide exactly what you're looking for. 


GROUP  online Business English courses  – 60 minutes. £25 per person.

The faster way to improve, test and gain confidence in your English language skills. 


Min 3 in a group and max 5 for maximising speaking and interaction.

These sessions can be booked online in advance –  see website for dates/times here.


1) Business English  

This course covers business-related topics and language necessary to communicate confidently and accurately in the workplace. 

This includes making and receiving phone calls; sales techniques; negotiating and influencing; motivating teams; goal-setting and personal performance. 


Other specialist courses:

2) Business Books for Business Minds

What better way to practise your English than discussing those books you've read that have inspired you? In a supportive environment the teacher facilitates the discussion, ensuring everyone can participate by explaining key vocabulary and coaching from participants their reactions and ideas. This session not only enhances your speaking skills but also your critical thinking skills, improvisation skills, ability to concede and influence others. In short, a way of practising and getting feedback on key business skills. 

The facilitator will provide verbal feedback in the final 10 minutes of the session. 


 2) Confident Conf Calls - experiential course

These sessions will support those who need to practise their skills in handling conference calls in English. With the expert support of a live facilitator, the students will simulate a live conference call. All students will be assigned roles and will be given feedback regarding grammatical accuracy, choice of vocabulary, ease of understanding and confidence level. Recommendations will be provided on areas for development. 


What better way to improve your conf call skills than in a supportive environment with an experienced English language coach? 



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