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Coaching Managers of International Teams 

English for Coaching Managers

If you are tasked with coaching your staff in English this course is for you. It will help you feel more confident in your use of English to draw the best out of your staff.

This course covers both the knowledge base of coaching and the use of language.

It consists of taught content and well as the opportunity to coach your teacher and receive feedback.


Sample course content includes:

  • scope, aims and principles of coaching
  • re-framing open questions
  • GROW model
  • appropriate body language.
  • avoiding ‘why’ questions – alternative ways to say ‘why.’
  • Intonation and stress patterns of questions, reflective comments and paraphrasing
  • Giving constructive feedback and handling negative feedback


Coaching Practice & Feedback 

Want to know more about our new Coaching for Managers programme?

Click here for a free, introductory webinar in September:

This 60-minute session enables you to test out your coaching skills on the tutor and to benefit from detailed feedback on your language and techniques.

This coaching practice session is suitable for managers who have an additional coaching role or who are about to start coaching their team members. By practising on your tutor you will gain insight on how to improve and will develop your confidence in making your coaching sessions with your team more impactful.

Each session will be structured as

ü  10-minute curiosity spot – bringing coaching questions to your coach

ü  25-minute mini coaching session you deliver on your coach

ü  Facilitated self-reflection

ü  Feedback from your coach

ü  Learning development goals to take forward


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