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Are you learning German for work, to study or for holidays?

Whatever your reason, an intensive course in Germany in the home of one of our well-qualified and experienced teachers is sure to give your language skills and confidence a great boost.


We take a lot of care to find out exactly what you want and need to study and then carefully match you with the ideal teacher.


You study at your own pace with lots of opportunities to learn more about German culture.


Because you live with your teacher, learning continues when formal lessons are over.


You spend all day every day speaking German in real life situations.


This is the best way to make real and rapid progress with your English language skills.

This course is designed to develop foundational German language and communication skills and progress towards fluency.


Suitable for age 18+, all levels, from Beginners to Advanced. Also available as a Weekend Crash Course.


Course aims

- Improve understanding of German as it spoken in real life situations, and to respond quickly, confidently and correctly.

- Build confidence and develop ability when speaking.

- Improve grammatical and lexical range and accuracy.

- Develop and improve reading comprehension skills.


Study plans

Lessons are 60 minutes long and you can choose to have 15, 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week.

Course Fees

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