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Language and Culture


This course is perfect if you want to enjoy English culture and improve your English language skills. Relax and learn, with personalised lessons and plenty of excursions accompanied by your teacher.


Talking, sharing meals, spending the day together: this is a very relaxing way to enjoy a holiday and make real progress with your English language skills.


We have excellent teachers in Brighton, London, Cambridge and Oxford.


These are all historic cities with a great variety of things to see and do, and your teacher will make a great guide.

Enjoy a unique holiday that combines learning and culture.


Try a real afternoon tea, eat fish and chips, drink a pint of real ale in a traditional  pub, ride on a double decker bus, see world famous galleries and museums, visit the theatre: whatever tickles your fancy.


Relax and enjoy sightseeing with your teacher as your guide.


Expand your English vocabulary and your understanding of English culture.


Build your confidence and develop your ability to speak English in real life situations.


Choose 10 or 15 hours of formal English language lessons and 4 accompanied cultural activities or outings for each week of your stay.


1:1 tuition and 2:1 tuition is available so you can come alone or with a friend, colleague or family member.


It is also possible bring a companion who does not want lessons.


This course is suitable for all levels, from Beginners to Advanced. 



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Living Learning English has recently acquired Brighton-based English language organisation, Acorn English Homestay.
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