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Tommaso, Switzerland

General English

A huge thankyou to Raymond, the Principal of Acorn English Homestay for organizing my wonderful stay.


The time with my teacher's family was beautiful!


Together with the customized lessons, I could learn about English culture.


A really nice stay- I would highly recommend it to everyone .


Now I feel really ready to implement my new knowledge to use English in everyday life. 










Evelyn and Yvonne

Young Learners

We were for two weeks near by Brighton in a English family to learn English. We lived in a English small house by us teacher Nikki and her husband and her Babby.


At beginning it was very strange. The house, the family, the new language and the country, but after two weeks we learned lots of new things.


In the morning we had always school for three hours. Nikki is a very good English teacher, for us the best. Always we made lots of exercise and games. 


One day we cooked for Nikki a Swiss meal and another day she cooked for us a English meal. It was very good.


Nikki is very nice and lovely.We think it is the best way to learn English.  






Irene, Italy

General English

After having had this experience, I can say that homestay learning is the best way to learn a language for a least 3 reasons.


First of all, because the one-to-one lessons are adapted to your needs and you can progress quickly, secondly because you have the opportunity to speak English all day with members of the family, and furthermore, you can immerse yourself into English traditions and habits!


I had a great time during my three weeks in Brighton; my teachers were excellent and they made me feel welcome. Moreover, Brighton is a beautiful place, a really lively city with lots of things to do.


I needed to improve my English and now I really feel more confident.


Yes, I know I still have a lot to learn. that's why I'd like to come back next year. 







Johannes, Switzerland

Young Learner

For two weeks I stayed in England at my teacher’s home. To be more precise, in Brighton, a city with a wonderful centre and a nice coastline. There I wanted to improve my conversation in English.


Homestay learning is very effective way to learn English. Nobody in the family speaks your language therefore you have to use a lot of English.


I had the lessons in the morning and in the afternoon I went with my family outside to go bowling or to play football. With my teacher I went also to London. We had an exciting time together.


For the duration of your stay you get a bus pass and you have the possibility to explore the city with double decker bus.


I recommend to everybody else to do a homestay. It was a great experience. 



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