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Your smartphone – a teaching resource in the 1:1 classroom Pt1

02.02.2015 13:58:00

This blog assumes that the majority of teachers reading it have a smartphone (if you don’t, you may want to after reading about what it can do for you).


Take an average smartphone with average apps, such as this one:




Want to know how you can use it in your lessons?


Here are 5 ideas – please feel free to add your own too.


1. Calendar app – if your homestay student has a smartphone, share a calendar them. Fill it with various appointments, etc then role play a telephone conversation where you are arranging a mutually conveninet day and time for a meeting/ coffee / drink, etc.


2. Camera – take close-up pictures of everyday objects and get your student to say what it might be / could be / can’t be / must be.


3. Google maps – copy off the detailed list of directions on google maps of a destination of your choice. Read these off to the student who then has to work out where they’re going and where they have ended up. Reverse this with the student giving you the directions.


4. Weather app – look at the weather in various parts of the country / world, get your student to describe the weather today. What it’s going to be like tomorrow.


5. WhatsApp  - Send your student his/her homework via this app. This will test their reading comprehension skills. Record it as an audio message to test their listening comprehension skills. WhatsApp them to say that dinner is ready; always get them to respond by making sure you ask a question that needs answering.


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