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Warmer idea of the month

20.06.2013 09:33:00

Jane has been teaching students in her home for more than 15 years. She lives in Hove and teaches all levels and all ages and is a specialist in General English, Business English, English for Teachers, Academic English, and Exam Preparation.




This is Jane's tip for warming up at the beginning of a lesson:


"I have to say that my lesson warmers vary enormously.  My teaching is all one-to-one homestay and I usually create a bespoke course for each and every one of my students.  I have had students at lower levels and have a whole bookcase full of wonderful materials (books, audio CD's, visuals, etc.) and often use, or adapt, Headway materials and grammars.

We very often start with a game connected to vocabulary learned the day before:  crosswords, gap-filling or just a quick recap on the evening before or a chat about the many people my student may have met whilst here- I often invite friends round in the evening."


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