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Warmer idea of the month

30.05.2013 11:13:00

Terry enjoyed a very successful career as a journalist, IT Researcher and consultant before deciding to change career and concentrate his considerable communication skills on 1:1 English language tuition.


He is is a Business English specialist and lives in a beautiful converted barn, just outside Oxford.


This month's Warmer exercise comes from Terry's stock of resources:


"Pretty soon after arrival, I give every student a story book (even 45-year-old executives on short courses!) and ask them to read it for at least 20 minutes each day. The aim is to remind them of vocabulary they already know but may have forgotten and to get them reading sentences in grammatically correct English, in a pleasurable way.


Usually I start off the lesson by saying, “Tell me what’s been happening” (or words to that effect). They then relate the story using the past tense while I listen eagerly and ask questions! Even the most shy young Japanese student has to do plenty of talking with this simple exercise."



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