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Study confirms: immersion learning works best

02.04.2012 09:57:00

This new study examined student's brain waves to assess long-term language retention.



Researchers found that students who studied a language "implicitly", i.e. immersively, were able to process language in a similar was to a native speaker, even after a 5 month gap when they were not exposed to the target language.


This was in contrast to the other group in the study, who underwent "explicit training" in a classroom environment: 


"Interestingly, both before and after the delay the implicitly trained group showed more native-like processing than the explicitly trained group, indicating that type of training also affects the attainment of native-like processing in the brain."


The study concludes that the type of language training crucially impacts on the learning outcome.


Good news for students choosing intensive one-to-one home tuition. 


Via the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience ( and @langology.



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