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Podcasts in 1:1 English language tuition

02.07.2013 14:19:00

In our recent teacher training event, we talked about different ways podcasts can be exploited in the classroom.



There are reputable websites with ready-made podcast lessons which you can access, including


We also discussed how teachers and students could make their own podcasts. For example, you could take a simple course book reading text, record yourself reading the text and give the student the questions to answer; turning what was a reading task into a listening task!  


And you could record yourself using language in context and use the recording to focus on various aspects of pronunciation: intonation, tone, ellision, etc. Much better than unnatural drilling of isolated words. 


Podcasts can also be used by students. Instead of a written report, journal, diary entry, they can record themselves instead. This can be used for focusing on error correction, pron, etc in class.


It’s more fun (sometimes) but more importantly acts as an indicator of progression. Students can record themselves at the beginning of their course then again at the end and hopefully they will see a difference in their oral skills. It can also be used to focus on presentation skills for example. 

This link explains all about podcasts and suggests software to download to use to record students.


Acorn's Director of Studies, Liz, uses Audioboo. You register your name and create a password. Download the software (or app if you have a smartphone) and off you go. You can give your student the login account details and s/he will be able to access their recording too. No need to copy or send huge files via email. The only thing with audioboo is that each recording is limited to 3 minutes, so maybe not a great one for presentations!

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