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One-to-one tuition provides English lessons that are genuinely needs based.

24.05.2012 20:41:00

One-to-one tuition is the perfect forum for providing English lessons that are genuinely needs based. The lesson can be shaped around the student’s learning aims and the teacher can adapt the course to match the student’s learning style.


The student is able to make rapid progress with a teacher who is totally focused on her or him, without the distractions of managing the differing needs and abilities of a group. The teacher is quickly able to pick up on individual strengths and weaknesses and tailor the lesson accordingly.


This method provides the opportunity for plenty of speaking practice, without the potential pressure or embarrassment of speaking in front of a number of others. 


The lesson can focus on subject matter is really relevant to the student: aspects of her/his own life, work, hobbies and experience.


A one-to-one English language course is also a great opportunity to make full use of realia and multi-media resources, such as video, the Internet, for example SKYPE, and audio.


The challenge is to maintain pace and variety while managing energy levels for both the student and teacher in what can be an intense, as well as intensive, practice. 

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