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Looking to the future (tense)

06.01.2015 10:54:00

Looking to the future (tense)


It’s that time of year where we all make promises to ourselves. The time of year when we’re motivated to better ourselves.


The New Year and resolutions are also an ideal time to teach future tenses to our homestay students.




Have students make New Year’s resolutions about aspects of their English language learning. Here are some examples:


In 2015 I will:


- watch movies in English with English subtitles. I will watch one movie a month.

- start reading books in English.  I will start with basic graded readers.

- definitely join an English speaking group online.


By January 2016 I will have:


- watched 12 movies in English with English subtitles.

- read my first ungraded English book.

- spoken English every week for a year.


 Notice there’s nothing tentative about these resolutions. The grammar used is very definite: there’s no room for maybe’s or “I’ll try…’


And while we’re focusing on our students’ resolutions, perhaps this is also the ideal time to think about what we’ll do this year to develop ourselves professionally as teachers.  Try writing out some resolutions of your own; share these with your student.


Good luck!

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