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English for Academic Purposes: a menu

11.06.2015 07:40:00

English for Academic Purposes: a menu




The following is a ‘menu’ of elements of EAP to include in a course. Based on the individual student’s needs analysis you may wish to include some or all of the following:


Academic Writing

- analysing essay questions

- research skills – how to research; selective reading & note-taking; summarising and paraphrasing; critical thinking.

- essay planning – introductions; conclusions; paragraphing – cohesion & coherence; citing references in text; reporting; avoiding plagiarism; referencing.

- drafting

- editing – spelling; grammar; punctuation; style.


Presentation skills

- audience

- research topic

- summarising own opinion

- brainstorming

- introductions & conclusions

- body – signalling; linking; highlighting; emphasising.

- delivery – body language; voice.


Seminar skills

- student’s role in seminar – lead? participant? chair? giving presentation?

- identifying main issues

- background research – list points to be made and questions to ask.

- engaging in discussion – active listening skills; language of agreeing/disagreeing/interrupting; comment of observations made.

- present alternative views

- demonstrate involvement in discussion

- note-taking – key words; quoting; mind-maps.

- post-seminar skills – review notes + detail; avoid plagiarism; identify further areas for research.


Listening and note-taking skills

- skimming – gist; scanning – specific info.

- selection of relevant points; summarising skills.

- note-taking

- understanding lecture structure; references; importance markers; signposting.

- recognising implication; recognising speaker’s attitude.

- understanding intonation, voice, etc.

- critical thinking

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