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A great, big, bumper vocab builder

06.12.2016 10:22:00


It's easy to neglect vocabulary building but it's a crucial part of learning any language. Grouping related words together can be a useful way to memorise new vocabulary. 


Set students realistic goals for vocab learning: studies show that most students can retain 10 - 20 words per study hour. This means that by studying 15 minutes every day, students are capable of learning about 20 - 25 words a week. This soon adds up and can be a very satisfying and achieveable goals for language learners. 


This vocab building sheet is aimed at students who want to get away from using the same word over and over again. Do they know all the words on this sheet? Can they add to it? What about some useful phrases? Or even some silly sentences? This sheet can be useful as a warm up exercise or as homework to take away.

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